“With lots of love, well wishes and prayers, we would like to introduce this year’s (2018) iTouch beneficiary from the Charity fund IMA raised from Kerala day. Sreevidya is a native of Payyannur, Kannur; the family includes her two kids and husband. Sreevidya was diagnosed with Colo-rectal Carcinoma at the prime age of 37. Her family could afford the first round of treatment that included surgery and chemotherapy. However, cancer relapsed after 2 years and this time, it affected her lung. This led to partial removal of left lung lobe. Ever since the relapse, she has undergone 2 major surgeries. Following the surgery, doctors suggested 6 major cycles of chemotherapy with intermittent immunotherapy which targeted to cost about 50 lakhs in Indian money. We all can imagine the toll it can take on the financial status of a family with such a need for medical treatment; Sreevidya’s family was not different. They reached out for help to their alumni community that include a few IMA members. IMA contributed 1 lakh Rupees to Sreevidya’s family while she was undergoing the 4 th cycle of chemotherapy at Lakeshore. Truly, we all touched her life and her family by making this great contribution. Thank you all for generously supporting this fundraiser event and making it a grant success.”


This is Vineetha. She is fifteen years old and has longstanding Lymphoedema. Her father died due to the same disease. IMA has donated USD 1865.00 (about Rupees 75,000) for doing four surgeries to cure her condition. (Photographed with patient's permission)

Duringthe month of July 2007 she completed her four surgeries at KIMS hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala. She is doing fine now and doctors say that she will be able to do normal activities in few days.


IMA has donated USD 625.00 (about Rupees 25,000) for doing a surgery to cure his bone cancer. The surgery was done at SUT Hospital Trivandrum.

With your generous support for iTouch, IMA contributed Rs: 1,05,000/- ($2,500) in 2008 to the Heart Care Foundation in Kerala for the surgery of Saramol, Master Jijin, and Santosh.


S/o Mr. Cleetus, Kurishadyplav House, Puthukurichi P O Thiruvananthapuram Dist.

Requies an Open Heart Surgery for Mitral Valve Replacement. Posted for surgery in July 2008, th cost of which estimated at Rs. 75,000.oo, at Govt. Medical College Hospital, Kottayam. His parents are fishermen, listed under Below Poverty Line (BPL)


D/O Mr. Kunjumon, Pazhayidthukalayil, Ettumanur, Kottayam Dist.

She is posted for surgery on 06.07.2008 for closure of Atrial Septal Defect. Due to some reason the surgery is postponed by a few days.Total estimated cost Rs. 30,000. At Govt. Medical College Hospital, Kottayam. Her father is daily worker. He has another child of , 9yrs. His widowed sister is staying along with him. He has only five cents of land, but no house of his own. Their family also comes under BPL category.


S/O Santhosh George, Kochu Chakulathumyalil, Kuurvilangad P O Kottayam 686 633.

He is posted for surgery for Closure of Atrial Septal Defect, and underwent operation on 30.06. 08 At present is taking rest at home. His father Santhosh has two other kids, studying in school. His mothr is old and has BP problem. He has five cents of land and a small house. He is running small shop. Total estimated cost is Rs. 40,000.oo They are also from BPL listing. Operation has done at Kottayam medical College hospital.

All such surgeries re conducted under the supervision of DR. JAYAKUMR T K , Asst. Professor and Head of Cardio vascular Thoracic Dept., Govt. Medical College hospital, Kottayam.