Our History

In recognition of twenty years of dedication, the Indiana Malayalee Association wishes to acknowledge our history of accomplishments, past and present. As our earliest members can attest to firsthand, our initial community has come a long way since 1990, when we sought to maintain our cohesion through monthly gatherings graciously hosted in private residences. Slowly, as our local Malayalee community expanded over the years, our unofficial monthly gatherings evolved into an active alliance with the Midwest Malayalee Association in the year 2000. Thankfully, with the support and encouragement of the MMA, we initiated the events that became annual picnics in the park, as well as our signature event, the yearly Onam celebration, a rousing success. Steadily, while under the umbrella of the MMA, we honed our event-planning skills, consolidated our support base, and garnered praise from notable Indian organizations for our emphasis on cultivating the talents of our Malayalee youth. In reward for our perseverance and commitment, we are now a self sustaining association dedicated to keeping our cultural ties strong and our native traditions vibrantly alive in the years to follow, God willing...

In the present, however; it is important to retrace our footsteps in order to bridge our Indiana Malayalee history, past and present. Of significant historical import to future generations, we can attribute our increase in statewide membership to the steady exodus of Malayalees --- from Kerala and the greater United States to Indiana --- primarily in response to the demand for high caliber technical and healthcare professionals in the state. In destiny's hands, the exodus was a symbiotic resettling that benefited our community and our adopted state alike. To accommodate our new membership statewide, we moved to strengthen communication by launching the Indiana Malayalee website on the internet in 2004. Soon thereafter, the first Malayalam language class was offered in Indianapolis, a vital step to ensure our native tongue is bequeathed to the generations born in our adopted homeland. In addition, the boon to our membership enabled us to achieve our most significant benchmark to date: the incorporation of the Indiana Malayalee Association in 2005, a graduated status that enabled us to focus our efforts locally. In short order, the IMA implemented its goal to increase our community gatherings from two events to five each year… Along with our annual picnic and Onam celebrations, we are now pleased to present a Talent Day, a Kerala Day, and a festive Christmas and New Year event, thanks to the many volunteers these events require. Of special note, the IMA unveiled its spirit of charitable giving with the i.Touch Program in 2006, created to benefit the needy in Kerala in honor of our native shores. An average of $2500.00 is donated annually toward the medical needs of our countrymen, and it is only a beginning. Most recently, in 2009, the IMA extended a charitable hand locally with our year round Second Saturday Program, dedicated to feeding the less fortunate in a church parking lot in downtown Indianapolis.

Step by step, from past to present, from our humble beginnings to our present community membership, every effort has proven worthy.

Today, as we consider the future of our Indiana Malayalee community, it is to the younger generation that we look to provide the committed vision necessary to take us to the next level of growth. We the committee unanimously invite their participation; and may God bless their stewardship as they rise to take the reins.

Chronology of Events

1990 : Informal gatherings

2000 : Allied with the Midwestern Malayalee Association

2004 : The Indiana Malayalee internet site is launched

2004 : The first local Malayalam language class is formed.

2005 : The Indiana Malayalee Association is formally incorporated

2006 : The I-Touch charity program is born

1990 : Informal gatherings

2009 : "Serving The Needy" A Local Philanthropic initiative came to fruition

2016 : Created the New IMA Logo

2016 : Launched the new internet site

2016 : IMA Music Club started