About Us

Indiana Malayalee Association INC (IMA) is a non-profit organization based in Indiana and is dedicated to provide a forum for Malayalees in Indianapolis and neighboring cities to come together and celebrate the culture and heritage of Kerala, India. Every year, IMA conducts numerous cultural programs and events for our community. We intend to preserve the Malayalee culture and traditions through celebrations and events. These events provide opportunities for artist to perform and entertain friends and families. These celebrations encourage the younger generation to see, enjoy, appreciate and learn the beauty of Malayalee culture and traditions.


The vision of Indiana Malayalee Association (IMA) is to develop and maintain a forum for malayalees to come together to celebrate, preserve and promote the rich traditions and cultural values of Kerala among friends, families and their younger generations in and around Indianapolis.


  • Organize various cultural events to celebrate the rich traditions of Kerala for malayalees in Indianapolis and neighboring cities.

  • Preserve and promote the culture, heritage and family values of Kerala among malayalees and the younger generations in and around Indianapolis.

  • Organize programs to improve the social, educational and cultural exchange among malayalees and others.

  • Foster and enhance the knowledge and use of Malayalam language through Malayalam classes, Malayalam movies and other cultural activities.

  • Host regular meetings for members to learn and share their experiences, ideas and talents.

  • Improve the cross-cultural understanding of unity in diversity.

  • Cooperate and promote cultural exchange with other organizations in Indiana.

  • Plan and organize charity activities to reach out the needy in Indianapolis, in India and around the world.


1990 : Informal gatherings

2000 : Allied with the Midwestern Malayalee Association

2004 : The Indiana Malayalee internet site is launched

2004 : The first local Malayalam language class is formed.

2005 : The Indiana Malayalee Association is formally incorporated

2006 : The I-Touch charity program is born

2009 : "Serving The Needy" A Local Philanthropic initiative came to fruition

2016 : Created the New IMA Logo

2016 : Launched the new internet site

2016 : IMA Music Club started