In & Around Indy

Places of worship

St. Pius X Catholic Church

7200 Sarto Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46240

Contact -  Rev. Francis Kalappurakkal, Mobile: +1 317 374 3477

463 E Main St, Carmel, IN

Contact: Rev. Joymon S.K., Mobile: +1 463 248 1987

Kerala Cuisines Catering / Restaurants 

Contact: Jithesh Ramachandran, Mobile: +1 617 691 7202


Contact: Vinod Abraham, Mobile: +1 317 410 6463 

Indian Groceries / Kerala Groceries

Above information is provided based on queries we receive from people who move to Indiana as we think such information could be helpful for those who are new to central Indiana. 

Indiana Malayalee Association is not affiliated to any of the above parties. 

The information above might not be comprehensive as well.